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  • 2011

    • Title: The Hangover Part II 2011
    • Release Date: May 25th, 2011
    • Genre: Comedy
    • Runtime: 102 mnts
    • Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
    • Movie Description:

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    • Movie Cast :Bradley Cooper,Ed Helms,Zach Galifianakis,Justin Bartha,Ken Jeong,Paul Giamatti,Mike Tyson,Jeffrey Tambor,Mason Lee,Jamie Chung,Sasha Barrese,Gillian Vigman,Aroon Seeboonruang,Nirut Sirichanya,Yasmin Lee,Nick Cassavetes,Sondra Currie,Schnitrnunt Busarakamwong,Bryan Callen,Brody Stevens,Nimit Luksameepong,Michael Berry Jr.,Andrew Howard,Danai Thiengdham,Thana Srisuke,Pairot Noiply,Penpak Sirikul,Sanita Jai-Ua,Chanicha Shindejanichakul,Vithaya Pansringarm
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    2011 Comedy Movie Genre Reviews Humor can be a category of movie in which the major concentration is on humor. These videos are created to entertain the market through entertainment, and many frequently work by fueling features of actual life for amusing effect.[1] Movies within this model traditionally possess a happy ending (the black comedy as an exemption). One of the oldest styles in movie, some of the very first silent films were comedies, as slapstick humor usually depends on visual representations, without needing sound.[2] Later, when the sound came in 1927, Comedy shows took another move, as a result of fun are now able to be caused not merely from the burlesque scenarios, but also the dialogues.

    Comedy Movies are "produce 'em laugh" shows made to elicit laughter in the audience. Comedies are not dark dramas, made to amuse, entertain, and trigger fun. The humor variety exaggerates the specific situation, the vocabulary, activity, and people. Comedies observe mistakes, the deficiencies, and frustrations of life, giving a brief escape as well as merriment from morning-to-day life. They generally have endings, although the laughter might have a cynical or significant side.

    Comedies usually are available in two common types: comedian-led (with welltimed gags, cracks, or images) and condition-comedies which might be told inside a story. Both comedy aspects overlap or can happen together and/. Comedy compounds normally occur with other key types, such as audio- dread, comedy -comedy, and comedy-thriller. Comedies have also been labeled in several subgenres, such as romantic comedy, crime/caper comedy, sports comedy, adolescent or arriving-of-age comedy, Social Class comedy, military comedy, seafood-out-of-water comedy, and Grossout comedy. Additionally, there are types, many different forms, or forms of comedy, including: Comedy, with several former stand-up, places far more concentrate on specific stars, unlike other video styles comics moving towards the film business due to their acceptance. Others contain political or social commentary, although several amusing movies are lighthearted tales without intention other than to entertain


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